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Day 2: Slow Day

Activity: ✦ (dead)
Tips: $51

Some Thoughts:

* I can not stand having nothing to do. There are only so many times I can wipe-down tables to pass the time. The morning started fine, but it died down after a bit.

* The employee who worked the dining room with me today is greedy, as was today's bartender (well, when he works the dining room, anyway). Most others try to keep the amount of tables fair, by taking turns; she does not. I had to become more aggressive with seating customers so I wasn't screwed out of making some tips.

* Additionally, she is greedy on the bill. For instance, she charges for a glass of water; something few (if any) of the others do. These are airport prices, mind you -- a glass of Coke is nearly $3. We are supposed to charge, granted, but no one really does. That doesn't mean I won't charge a customer some day, but as it stands my (personal) general policy is not to charge everyone.

* I need to come-up with nicknames for referring to employees in this journal.

* A good percentage of people don't tip at all. Some, I'm sure, are cheap. Some do not for cultural reasons (international travelers, it seems). Others, though, don't know if they are supposed to or not; I had one person come back and ask if he was supposed to leave a tip.

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