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Day 7: Overwhelmed

Activity: ✦✦✦✦ (crazy busy!)
Tips: $114

Today was ridiculous. And just busy enough to overwhelm me.

In short:

* My bartender was always gone, causing a delay in drinks.

* It is Sunday at an airport, meaning very busy. One cook.

* I worked the dining room myself. We were packed to capacity.

* I had no time to even close open tickets paid in cash (kinda had to find time for credit card customers).

* Some people complained about their food. It was either too cold or too hot, or they thought they should get it free because it didn't meet their standards. Or they wanted to complain for a whopping five minutes(!)...time I did not have.

* I had a cutomer demand their food to go, and ask for coffee, then come back within less than a minute and bitch because I hadn't gotten them their coffee. They needed it now, because they had a plane to catch, soon. I politely told them there were at least six tables ahead of them waiting to cash-out, several tables waiting for me to take their order, in addition to the existing cutomers needing attention or waiting on their food, and that every one of them had a plane to catch.

* Because I couldn't find the time to cash-out, I got momentarily confused and placed a current tables order on the table's prevous occupants' still open (cash) check. Though I was running-around like a madman, I had somehow managed to hold my own (though barely) until this point. This mistake of mine took more than five minutes to fix (need authorization), and it took a good 30 minutes for me to get back on track with everyone.

* While trying to solve this problem, coffee lady came back and accused me of taking so long, and running in and out of the kitchen because I was trying to steal her credit card information. I was now livid!! But I bit my tongue, told her that if she had a problem with the level of service to go talk to a manager; I also told her we were otu of coffee, gave her the check, and asked her to leave.

* On the plus side, the greedy co-worker referenced in the previous entries suddenly decided she wanted to be fair and take turns with the tables while she was there in the morning, because I'd managed to edge her out of having any tables. Fairness becomes appealing, when on the other side of the fence.

Hay na ko!!

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