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Day 5: Too Many

Activity: ✦✦ (slow)
Tips: $75

Too many people were scheduled to work today. Fridays are typically expected to be busy. However, the universe saw fit to make sure today was slow and boring.

Fortunately, one person left. With one person behind the bar and two (instead of three) of us covering the dining room, though, that still left for little in the way of tips. I stayed later than scheduled as the bartender also decided to leave early. That really made little difference, though, by that point in the day.

Stray Thoughts:

* Scheduling really needs to be looked-at. Granted, little can be done if a typically busy day is unexpectedly slow. However, I was intially pissed when I came in to find-out how slow it was, and found that the manager had split the tables in such a way that I was going to be stuck with all the outside tables (of which there are only six). Had we stuck to this plan, I would've been screwed-out of tips, making $15 is I was lucky. In an airport, people tend to use the outside tables as their personal waiting room, ordering only a Diet Coke while they sit there for hours on end...worse, alcohol can not be served to the outside tables, ensuring they're low money-makers.

* By the grace of the airport gods, it was slow, prompting a certain co-worker to be uncharacteristically un-selfish and leave. I may go into details on these other employees when I have time.

* I suck at math. The comnputer does all the work for me during the day, which makes it easy for me. yet somehow my numbers haven't quite equalled-out. I had $70 in credit card tips, and at least $15 in cash tips in my pocket (so, at least $85)...yet somnehow, when swappin' small bills for larger ones, I ended-up leaving with less than I should've had. I seem to have shorted myself $10 or so dollars in tips; oops.


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Oct. 30th, 2007 09:56 am (UTC)
When that happens, tell someone right away-- that way when the drawers come out ten bucks ahead, they know it belongs to you.
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