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Day 3: The Pace Picks Up

Activity: ✦✦✦ (busy)
Tips: $110

Because of the drama at this workplace, they have recently installed security cameras, which are actually monitored by the owners, several states away. They have also limited access on the computers for the new employees when using their MICROS card. This makes it a pain-in-the-ass, as I can't do simple things like void an item, give an employee discount, or open my drawer without a sale to make change or count my drawer...I have to find one of the older (time, not age) employees to approve it.

On one hand, I can understand management's perspective. On the other hand, it can be incredibly inconvenient when things get busy.

Speaking of management, while it's only my third day, I've been told by another employee/friend that they would hire me as a manager there if I were interested. I don't think, however, I'll express an interest. There's less money potential doing that, I think, and less flexibility with times and responsibilities, which is something I'd prefer not to lose (so I can go back to school).

Today was a decently busy day, and the employee I worked with was much more fair with taking turns. Almost too fair, though, as I ended-up with a couple tables I did not know were mine. Nevertheless, I'm getting the hang of this job, and it won't be long before I could handle the dining room on a busy day like today by myself.

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