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Day 9: Slow, Mofo.

Activity: ✦ (dead)
Tips: $45

Today was so slow, it made me want a drink.

That is all.

Day 8: Day Off

Today, I have off. Which is good after yesterday.

Though now that I have a job again, I find the hours I have off disappear rather quickly or are otherwise inconvenient for handling personal business. I need to talk to my employer about making my hours a bit more regular, so I can get a routine down (but so things don't also get too routine -- living to work isn't much in the way of living, after all).

Tip Tally (Week 1)

Total tips this week: $465.

Not too terrible, considering it was my first week. But I shall try to improve upon that.

Day 7: Overwhelmed

Activity: ✦✦✦✦ (crazy busy!)
Tips: $114

Today was ridiculous. And just busy enough to overwhelm me.

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Day 6: Slow Saturdays

Activity: ✦ (dead)
Tips: $104

While I had no nice, handwritten notes regarding my service (as I did yesterday), I did receive several tips in excess of 50% of the bill. Saturdays are notorious for being dead. This Saturday met it's reputation.

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Day 5: Too Many

Activity: ✦✦ (slow)
Tips: $75

Too many people were scheduled to work today. Fridays are typically expected to be busy. However, the universe saw fit to make sure today was slow and boring.

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Day 4: Day Off

I work six days this week, and today is my day off.

Time to run some errands, do some chores, and whatever else it is people do on their days off.

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